Mr Matco\'s Article DirectoryFresh articles from Mr Matco\'s Article Directory Phone Lines Are Now Closed Giving the Viewer What They Want Or Repackaging What They Have In the last five years the stream of phone-in talent shows on television has tripled into a raging torrent Are these programmes a new way of giving the viewer what they want or just a new way of repackaging what they've got Rising Theatre Audiences Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Barely a day goes by without either Andrew Lloyd Webber or Cameron Mackintosh announcing further proof that their recent string of television shows have bumped up theatre audience figures all over the country In the wake of inflation and the credit crunch however we may have to ask just how long will our love affair with the West End last Tezcatlipoca and Princess Diana The Timeless Cult Of The Celebrity Some cite the unquestionable rise of celebrity culture as a mark of decline in our society Magazines like Hello and OK chart every sordid detail of celebrity lives following the rise of new stars and gleefully revelling in the downfall of the old ones David and Goliath Glastonbury vs Boutique festivals Glastonbury festival has been in the news even more than usual this year tickets are still available prompting organisers to sell the remainder in HMV stores in a last ditch attempt to shift the leftovers This lull in demand has left Glastonbury organisers pondering just what is putting festivalgoers off an event that has become synonymous with summer in England The Edinburgh Fringe and the Great Beyond The Edinburgh Fringe has become a staple part of one of the most iconic and popular arts festivals in the world But with many criticising the modern shape and content of the event has the Fringe cut itself off from tradition and lost its distinctive look The Apparent Rising Cost of UK Attractions The Times recently submitted an article entitled The Horrifying cost of Britain's top attractions which slammed the high prices we pay in order to treat the family In an ever-increasingly expensive world we are all looking for cheaper ways to entertain our loved ones and the best way to avoid hidden charges The Shell Ladies Of Margate From a distance you could be forgiven for mistaking some of Margate's most distinctive visitors for lonely brides standing sentinel on the seafront their large white dresses and slightly achronistic bonnets creating a stark contrast with the grey crumbling prom of the almost forgotten Kent seaside town Independents Day The Rise And Rise Of Independent Music July fourth has always been renowned for its huge fireworks displays and overexcited Americans celebrating their independent status from their British Counterparts From 2008 the British music industry is planning on celebrating the day for an altogether different reason Independent music Digital Ash In A Digital Urn Does The Digital Age Mean The Death Sentence For Live Theatre Since the BBC announced that over 7.2 million users have logged on to its iplayer service in only its first two months and the relentless rise of less than legal content streamers sky-rockets we may ask ourselves does the dawn of the digital age mean the death sentence for live theatre What Happened To Dance Music Dance music is presumed by many to be dead Not so quick Dance music actually morphed and led to the revolution that created the best sounds of this century